Mega 65-LT - The look of the case is meant to reflect the mid-90's design sensibilities of Commodore Computers. Special attention was given to the  Commodore 65 prototype .
 Left Side: Power, HDMI, USB x2, Headphones/Line Out, Mic/Line In Right Side: 9-Pin Control Port x2, SD Card Reader
 MEGA 65-LT - When closed the laptop looks like a 90's period Commodore minus the keyboard.
 Power Supply and Mouse - Smaller power supply and increased mouse ergonomics for the modern retro enthusiast.
 A comparative keyboard layout study between the Commodore 65, and multiple Commodore period laptops used to create the final MEGA 65 layout.
 Final keyboard layout - This layout allows for complete compatibility with Commodore 64, Commodore 65 and the MEGA 65. There is minimal impact on keyboard layout between desktop and laptop implementation.
 Mega 65 Logo. Once again lovingly derived from Commodore's brand, MEGA branding maintains a look all its own.
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